Pomponazzi real quartz coating


Pomponazzi is an ultra premium product reserved for those wanting the absolute best you can use on your vehicle, boat or PWC.

Many glass coatings and protections in the market are the same or similar to each other just renamed, Pomponazi is NOT. Pomponazzi is in fact so unique it has a Patent Pending and uses a unique process that to many years of knowledge is the only of its kind to create the perfect gloss and finish for your vehicle.
Pomponazzi is fast becoming known amongst car collectors, clubs and exotic car owners as the go for protecting their investments.

Most coating measure 1-3 micron in thickness, but due to the process used for Pomponazzi we are able to achieve and verify between 12 and 20 microns depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and other various factors. This means you get a thicker coating for more protection, more gloss, and an even better finish than otherwise would be available.

This premium product comes with a 5-year warranty assuring you, your pride and joy will be protected for years to come.